Review and Maintenance

At Cornerstone we know that periodic review of your Estate Plan is important.  With changes in the tax laws or the creation of new laws or interpretations, reviews are essential to maximize your trust’s benefits.

These legal changes typically affect complex plans more than foundational plans, but they can affect everyone’s plan.

One of the reasons for this website is to help alert you to those types of changes.  However, there is no substitute for having your plan reviewed periodically, so that we can make sure that changes to the law do not affect your particular plan.

The reason for review will more typically be due to a change in your life that causes your plan to no longer reflect your desires.  For example, you have another child, there is a marriage, a divorce, or your Trustee is no longer able to assist you.  In these cases it is important that you contact us so that we can meet to discuss your situation and make any necessary changes.

Generally the cost for those changes is relatively minor and the adjustments to your plan can be done quickly.

Clients with more complex estates find that an annual, written review is important to understanding and managing their goals.  Cornerstone Law Center offers a written estate review for both existing estate planning clients and new client with existing plans.

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