Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a term used to describe a huge area of legal and non-legal activities.  Planning ranges from wills and trusts to long term care; gifting to business succession.

Cornerstone Law Center’s focus is on helping our clients navigate the world of “estate planning.”  We design and implement traditional, or as we call them “foundational” estate planning such as trusts, wills, advance health care directives and powers of attorney.  We work with you, usually along with their financial advisors and accountants, to properly arrange the ownership of their assets so that your goals are met.

We help clients give not only their assets, but transmit their values – their message – to their loved ones.  Each plan is as unique as the person or family who creates it.  At Cornerstone Law Center each plan carries the values of one generation to the next.

For business owners, Cornerstone can to help transition their businesses, either during their lifetimes or after their deaths to help them get the maximum value for their lifetime of efforts.  Transition of a business is a complex undertaking; leadership, security, knowledge and funding must all be arranged for a successful transfer.  We can help plan, implement and administer that transition.

Lifetime gifting is an area where our clients often request help.  Whether it is a simple gifting plan or more complex tax-driven designs, we help our clients navigate through the complex tax and ownership regulations.  We help our clients make charitable gifts in a variety of ways, from foundations to charitable trusts.

Zero-tax planning is important to many of our clients.  We can help our clients reach that goal, whether through charitable, gifting, insurance or other tax-favorable technique.

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