Foundational Design

At Cornerstone Law Center we use the phrase “Foundational Design” to refer to the initial estate planning and documents.  This initial planning contains the general overview of your goals and desires.  Foundational planning is where you choose guardians for your minor children and pick those people you trust to act on your behalf when you cannot.

Documents typically included in foundational design include a Revocable Living Trust, Wills, Advance Health Care Directives, Powers of Attorney for Finance, Certification of Trust, Assignment of Personal Property and other ancillary documents.  In most plans the Trust outlines your goals and desires.

Additional documents may be added to your foundational design to address particular concerns such as charitable planning, wealth replacement, gift planning, tax planning, and business planning.  However, more advanced planning is almost always built on a strong set of foundational documents.

At Cornerstone Law Center we believe that foundational planning is important for every person.  That is why we always quote our fee, in writing, and before you hire us to create your Foundational Documents.

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