“Administration” is the term we use to describe the process of transferring assets to heirs and beneficiaries after a person’s death.

If the deceased did not create a plan or has used a Will to plan their estate, the form of administration is called “Probate,” and is managed through the California probate court system.

In a Trust-based estate plan, the administration is called an “Administration.”  Typically an Administration does not involve the probate court.  The process is managed by the person you choose as your Trustee.  The Trustee in turn can rely on the advice of advisors, such as Cornerstone Law Center, accountants, realtors, and financial experts.

At Cornerstone Law Center we know that proper planning and preparation leads to a smooth and less costly administration.  This is a gift you can make to your spouse, family or charity by reducing the stress and difficulties surrounding your estate.

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