So What Do I Do Now?

mgarner  -  Aug 10, 2016  -  , ,  -  Comments Off on So What Do I Do Now?
When there has been a death, someone finds themselves in charge, it can be the spouse of the deceased, a child, a parent, a business partner, but someone – knowingly or not - is in charge.

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Keep What You Have

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The first step in talking about asset protection is to define what you want to be protected against. Most people think of lawsuits or creditors, but the risks are far broader than just those. We face risks from fire and flood, to tax liability, to business risks, to

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Estate Planning Necessity – Funding

mgarner  -  Mar 20, 2014  -  , , , , ,  -  Comments Off on Estate Planning Necessity – Funding
Funding is the word, attorneys, trust companies and financial professionals use to describe the titling, vesting, ownership and beneficiary designation of property, generally in relationship with estate planning.  Funding is critical to any estate plan’s success because the proper ownership or beneficiary designation of an asset directs not only to

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